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Libre Chaos

Recycled Art & Magical Fabrication
Blurry Lights

Who are we?


Dominic Lauzon & Kristin Basnett

We are makers and artists based in Midway, BC.

We acknowledge with gratitude the Sinixt & Syilx people and the lands on which we live & create.

We design and fabricate projects of all kinds, with a soft spot for the mystical and the weird. We hope our work enhances the magic & creative chaos of your beautiful existence.

Kristin is a feral woman, farmer, forager, fabricator, fascinated by the magic of the world. She loves to infuse that magic into her work, with movement, magical symbols, ritual tools, and elements of nature wrought from steel.

Dominic is a maker, scrapper, builder of all kinds. He loves to make people tilt their heads and take a second look. He is inspired to create anything that makes him giggle, from giant fuzzy dice, to interdimensional storytellers.

Libre Chaos is about unleashing the creative chaos that exists in us all. Before chaos, there was nothing, out of chaos, everything is possible.

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Upcoming Sightings

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Markets & Events
Yuletide at the PTCC
Nov 3, 4, & 5
Penticton Trade & Convention Centre
Christmas in the Country w/ East Kelowna Market
Nov 12, 10am - 2pm
East Kelowna Hall, 2704 East Kelowna Road
Trail IncrEdible Christmas Market
Dec 9 & 10
Waneta Plaza, Trail, BC

When we're not on the road,

you can reach out to us for pick up in Midway,

or visit our online store:

Bloom Together
Colorful Bubbles


Open My Heart

Interactive Knight with an Open Heart

Open My Heart is a knight in shining armour. A romantic figure, holding out an everlasting rose, the breastplate opening to reveal a beautiful glowing heart. An invitation to reflect on the armour we build around our own glowing hearts, and how we can let our light shine.

Honoured to be part of the Bass Coast Festival 2023 art grant program, we also had the delight to exhibit at Revel Music Fest 2023.

Concept by Kristin Basnett.


Blooming Together

Kinetic Bloom Sculpture

Blooming Together is a kinetic sculpture, a giant, magical, glowing bloom, crafted from steel and recycled materials. It opens in stages from a closed flower bud to a wide open flower, revealing layers of glowing petals. It was displayed at Bass Coast Festival 2022, blooming over the course of the event.

Concept & design by Kristin Basnett.


The Interdimensional Traveller

Fred is a gatherer of stories across dimensions. Where they come from, form & matter are theoretical, so for their first visit to our dimension, we had to build them a containment suit to practice taking form. Fred recorded video & audio of the stories people told them over the course of Bass Coast Festival 2019. Fred's suit and seating area were crafted with salvaged materials, decorated with some festival fashion as well as past Bass Coast themes. Fred's first suit is now installed on the roof of Capital Salvage in Vancouver, who donated or loaned most of the materials used.

Concept & design by Dominic Lauzon. Matthew Ziörjen joined us for the electronics and lighting.

Fred will re-visit us, we keep in touch.

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Open My Heart
Abstract Bubble Shapes

Hey, we like your style...

Have a furniture project in need of character hardware?

Would your home love a railing or gate out of a fairy tale?

Everlasting vines for your windows or walls?

We'd love to bring your dreams to life!


Midway, BC | 604.341.8309

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Thanks for reaching out!

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